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Cavanaugh      Pet      Hospital      strives      to      be progressive   in   their   pet   care   services,   without forgetting     old-fashioned     courtesy     and     the importance    of    client    relationships.        Our    full range       of       pet       care       services       includes comprehensive       diagnostics,       soft       tissue surgeries,   orthopedic   procedures,   dentistry,   full service   grooming   for   dogs   and   cats   as   well   as boarding.        We    offer    cutting    edge    technology such   as   digital   radiography,   ultrasound   imagery, in-house laboratory and an on-site pharmacy. 










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It’s almost spring! Time to check for heartworm disease! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
It’s   March—springtime   is   around   the   corner!   Worms   in your   garden…and   worms   in   your   pet?      Eeew!   Hold   on, let’s explain… The   worms   you   find   in   your   garden   mulch   are   not   the   same   worms   that   cause   heartworm disease   in   pets.   Mosquitoes   carry   heartworms. And   all   it   takes   is   one   mosquito   to   bite   your   pet to become infected. Here's   the   good   news   about   heartworm   disease.   It's   an   illness   that   can   be   easy   and   affordable to   prevent.   The   bad   news   is,   if   you   don't   prevent   it   the   right   way,   your   pet   is   at   risk   of   getting sick.   Heartworm   disease   is   dangerous   to   your   pet   and   some   signs   of   the   illness   are   tough   to spot.   Your   pet   may   be   acting   fine,   but   they   may   have   so   many   heartworms   inside   their   body that it can become life threatening. You   may   be   thinking,   “My   pet   stays   indoors,   so   there’s   no   need   for   heartworm   prevention.” But,   heartworms   are   carried   by   mosquitoes,   which   get   into   everyone’s   homes!   One   mosquito bite is all that’s needed to spread the disease to your furry friend. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup with us. We’ll do a thorough exam, including a simple heartworm   test,   to   make   sure   your   pet   is   at   his/her   optimum   health.   And   we’ll   talk   about   the best way to prevent heartworm disease, so your pet stays healthy, happy and safe! Call us today! 
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